If you have been considering updating your bathroom – Let us help check that off your list! Bathroom problems usually don’t fix themselves, and unseen problems often get worse. We have the solution! Our Project Consultants will come to your home and help guide you through our durable and low maintenance products to find a perfect fit to your individual needs. To finish your bathroom, we’ll send our installation specialists who are trained employees that are polite, courteous and respectful of your home and will complete your bathroom transformation.

Remodeling your bath in Ramsey:

A replacement bath gives you the flexibility to design your own tub while maintaining a clean mold and mildew resistant surface. Depth, skirt design, patterns and colors are all customizable to fit both your personal style and space.

Tub-to-Shower Conversion in Ramsey:

A bath to shower conversion is a very popular choice for many homeowners and for many reasons. Whether from a safety standpoint or a design aesthetic changing your tub into a new shower is an easy choice that fits directly into your existing tub space!

Replacement Shower in Ramsey:

Sometimes a quick shower is all that is needed! At BathMakeoverMN, we offer a wide variety of selections: the most current wall pattern options, colors (including new beautiful marble and granite choices), and beautiful built-in shower seat selections.

Walk-In Baths installed in Ramsey:

A beautiful new walk-in bath is a popular decision for homeowners with mobility issues. Simply open the door and step into a relaxing, clean, spa-like experience. A BathMakeoverMN walk-in bath is designed to fit in your current bath or shower space and has a heat infused system to keep bath water warm.

Step-Thru Bath in Ramsey:

Another great option for those with mobility issues is a Step-thru bath insert. This can transform your current bath into a walk-in bath or shower!

Barrier Free Shower Pan installed in Ramsey:

Our barrier free shower pan means just that: the open side is level to the floor eliminating any need to step over and is perfect for wheelchairs.